Cutting down dose in CT imaging

British Medical Journal published 21st of May 2013 an interesting article about adolescence CT(Computed Tomography) and increased cancer risk. Link to BMJ's article:

Also the Finnish press noticed this. Link to YLE's article (in Finnish):

Doctors have huge responsibility, when they are deciding to use CT for diagnostics especially with young people. This is something important for us at Eigenor Corporation, too. Our software solution is based on advanced mathematics and it can deal with considerably fewer 2D images that are taken during a CT scan and still produce adequate results. We aim to lower the dosage of CT scans by 50%-80% depending on the type of diagnostics needed. Experienced radiologist visited us yesterday and he confirmed that the dramatic drop of dosage makes a huge difference, he stated that our results are acceptable and the quality even exceeds the requirements in many cases.

Now the ball is thrown to the CT manufactures, they should modify their CT equipment to take fewer X-ray projections during scans. These modifications would enable our novel algorithms to work in right environment and decrease the cancer risk of patients. Even a software company can make huge difference, when considering health.

Max Salmi
Vice President, Technology
Eigenor Corporation