DIR2015 Conference - 3D reconstructions from bulky objects using sparse-angle data

Preparations for conference trip are ready. Me and my colleague, Jukka Huhtamäki, are traveling to Ghent (Belgium) in the end of June for DIR2015 conference. Jukka will give an oral presentation about "3D reconstructions from bulky objects using sparse-angle data”. The data is from our partner, NCBJ, with high-energy linac and we have done the reconstructions. Here’s a short abstract about the presentation.

We have devised a setup for efficient 3D X-ray imaging of bulky objects. Accurate measurement of such targets requires a powerful source with mean photon energies well in the MeV scale. One problem with these measurements is that each 2D projection may take several minutes to complete. A whole scan consisting of hundreds of projections thus occupies the X-ray device for an entire day. Our aim in this work is to demonstrate that the number of required projections can be limited without significantly compromising the image quality by using an advanced reconstruction algorithm. By working with a smaller set of projections, not only do we limit the overall time needed for inspection, but also reduce the total exposure time of the detector, increasing the life- time of the X-ray device. We demonstrate how the relevant details in the reconstruction are preserved to sufficient accuracy even with the limited data set.

We are looking forward to meet other CT experts to discuss about the possibilities and benefits of our sparse-angle methods. Sparse-angle means that consecutive X-ray projections are separated by a larger angle than traditional reconstruction methods can survive. So, if you happen to be there or close-by Ghent, feel free to contact us so we can meet.


Max Salmi
Vice President, Technology