Holidays are over, it’s business as usual

In Finland, July is notoriously a slow month, with many people packing the family off to the summer cottage for a well-earned rest.  It can sometimes feel that the world has stopped, indeed the international edition of Helsingin Sanomat claims that in politics and business, Finland is more or less “closed”.

Ripples of a stone thrown into lake Kilpisjärvi

Well, not at Eigenor!  We pride ourselves on breaking the mould in lots of ways, and thinking in a non-traditional manner.  In between taking our holidays, we’ve also been very busy – in particular with winning financial backing which will see Eigenor flourish into the company it has the potential to be.

Some of our upcoming projects include:

  • Preparation for our first radar product release
  • TomoSim development, new release in August 2011
  • TomoSuite website (a separate tomography website) under development

Looking forward to a busy autumn!

Sally Ulich
Technical Document Writer
Eigenor Corporation