What does it take to understand customer challenges?

I arranged a business trip to Central-Europe during the last week of November. I met several customers from electronics, automotive and research in three countries. It was easy to continue discussion after hearing comments like,

"This measurement takes one hour, I have to measure several hundred of these" 
"We have high intensity materials inside the object, we need more than one thousand projections"
" I need this machine for research, now all time goes to standard measurements"
"Our sample is bigger than FOV and it destroys the reconstruction"
"I know we need to go 3D but I am afraid of X-ray time and quality of reconstruction" 
These are common challenges we face daily and we have the solution. We take customer´s data set and make the reconstruction to show how fast and accurate we are. We have several applications in our toolbox to optimize the reconstruction results. Usually, we reduce the number of projections to seek out the threshold for the best result to meet the customer needs. Also, very often we're asked
"In case we put you software in what does it do to warranty of our new X-ray machine"
This is not a problem. We do not interact with the X-ray machine. It is just the projection data we take as input for our software. User can
adjust the machine setup as the warranty allows and our software will act accordingly. It is running separately and the results can be forwarded to a suitable viewing
It was interesting to see how similar the challenges were in different industries even with those who are not using 3D, yet. Change is needed. We have tools to make it happen.
Pekka Kivinen
Vice President, Sales