Planmed imaging device with Eigenor Technology wins a jackpot at the 2012 Medical Design Excellence Awards

Monday, June 4, 2012 - 13:15

Fast imaging process, customer and user satisfaction, low patient dose and flexible measurement process - those are wanted and most important features of a medical imaging device. Planmed Verity, with advanced Eigenor technology won an important milestone, the Gold Winner achievement at the Medical Design Excellence Awards. The winning product was also listed with 'best of the show' -award.

The actual X-ray imaging takes less than 20 seconds, and due to Eigenor technology, the reconstruction time is one of the fastest - if not the fastest in the market. The Planmed Verity unit is already been sold in EU area and many other countries.

Medical Design Excellence Awards was founded 1998 and it concentrates on evaluating and promoting advanced design achievements in medical technology.

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