3d X-ray CT is coming - Are you ready?

I had the opportunity to visit Control 2013, 27th Internation Trade Fair for Quality Assurance in Stuttgart, Germany, 14th-17th May. Almost 1000 exhibitors, from more than 30 countries, had traditional measurement instruments  (calibers, micrometers, scales), scanners (light, laser, ultrasound etc.) to create a surface picture, X-ray (spectral analysis, 2D and 3D used for measurements and CT) and software for quality inspections and comparisons. I had booked a couple of meetings in advance, but also met new interesting companies.

Eigenor as a company seems to be more and more well known in the business. Among many applications there were several discussions of using 3D reconstruction as a basis for metrology. Companies were looking for fast reconstruction times and sharp results even if the data is not noise free. Eigenor´s products are well suitable for those applications. Reconstructions can be compared with CAD models and used for reverse engineering to adjust or repair tools and machines or adjust manufacturing processes.

Electronics industry is also creating higher density assemblies and 3D CT is one of the best methods to inspect those solder connections under components or components inside the printed circuit board.

It was a really interesting three days to find out new areas where our products and services can be utilized as well as to meet companies with whom we have discussed earlier and have something going on already.

Pekka Kivinen
Vice President, Sales
Eigenor corporation