Teaching others the mysterious ways of Eigenor software

Once in a while software developers get dragged out of the office and have the opportunity to teach others. In addition to the obvious and sometimes detail-ridden topic of how to utilize the software, there is a possibility to convey the idea of why it has accumulated all the features. On the other hand, having to explain the current implementation raises critical questions of how the whole system could be improved.

Reconstructing a piece of a spaceship

I just visited the International Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography (ICT) at the University of Applied Sciences in Wels in Upper Austria. Conference is arranged every 2 years and is a must visit for all who are working with new CT technologies. Timing was perfect - I was able to present some really interesting reconstruction results that we did for NASA. The case was about reconstruction using limited transmitter movement angle.

Observatory in Bayern with a grand view

Have to admit. Wish I also had such a view from my office! You can see the highest mountain in Germany. Me and a couple of radar experts just visited the DWD Hohenpeissenberg Observatory near Munich. DWD has 17 weather radars in total and one research radar located in Hohenpeissenberg, which is the oldest mountain observatory in the world. Meteorological data has been collected since 1781.

Inverse Days in Inari

The Finnish Inverse Days took place this year in Inari, in the Northern Lapland. Eigenor has often had presence in this annual event organized by the Finnish Inverse Problems Society, and this year it was my turn to participate. While the Sun was nowhere to be seen, rising the next time in mid-January, the talks themselves were very enlightening.

New R&D Office in Helsinki

Approximately one year ago Eigenor opened its R&D center in Helsinki. Great news for those who enjoy office life and shared lunches with interesting chats with topics ranging from hard science to personal hobbies. Working from home is sometimes really nice, but meeting your associates face to face is really important.

Korean Hospitality

Personal relationships are everything in making good business, especially in East and Southeast Asia. I just spent 10 days in Seoul and also visited some neighbouring cities.