Observatory in Bayern with a grand view

Have to admit. Wish I also had such a view from my office! You can see the highest mountain in Germany. Me and a couple of radar experts just visited the DWD Hohenpeissenberg Observatory near Munich. DWD has 17 weather radars in total and one research radar located in Hohenpeissenberg, which is the oldest mountain observatory in the world. Meteorological data has been collected since 1781.



Having over 30000 megawatts of wind power capacity(100 times more that in Finland!) can be challenging from radar operational point of view. Technology to mitigate ground clutter affected by wind turbines is surely interesting in all countries having both – wind energy and weather radars. Eigenor radar technology (like triple-PRT implementation) can offer tools for wind farm detection and mitigation. 

Janne Käpylehto
VP of Business Development
Eigenor Corporation