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Last week we had the marvelous opportunity to visit Finnish Defence Forces Technical Research Center. The place has various test sites and laboratories used by numerous scientists.

We were given a tour around the sites, where we learned how science in the army works. To our surprise it was like any university research center, only the subjects made the difference.

Our main interest focuses on radars when speaking about Defence Forces. As we know radar (RAdio Detection And Ranging) development took a giant leap during WW2. Together with the new millennium radar development is again taking steps to produce something novel. Solid state technologies are advancing to whole new levels as scientists find new methods to refine radar data in a more meaningful information to serve today's needs.

Eigenor radar development focuses in these new technologies and ideas. We offer you the signal processing expertise that will give major advantage to your radar applications whether it concerns weather or other areas. 

Max Salmi
Vice President, Technology 
Jukka Huhtamäki
Software Developer