Teaching others the mysterious ways of Eigenor software

Once in a while software developers get dragged out of the office and have the opportunity to teach others. In addition to the obvious and sometimes detail-ridden topic of how to utilize the software, there is a possibility to convey the idea of why it has accumulated all the features. On the other hand, having to explain the current implementation raises critical questions of how the whole system could be improved.

This time I was fortunate to meet collaborators from Czech Republic and Poland, technical personnel from UJP Praha and NCBJ visited out premises in Helsinki. I was unaware of their level of expertise in CT, but was promised "they are pretty smart guys". It was a huge relief for me to learn that they indeed seemed to understand what I had to tell, and considered our reconstruction software straightforward system to work with.

Towards the end, the discussions between fellow developers seemed to reach the level where the less relevant aspects were set aside for the moment. The concentration could be put on solving the actual technical challenges - making things work. It is also rewarding to see the software perform properly even when operated by others. This means I'm not living in a bubble where everything makes sense just to myself.

Dr. Janne Toivola
Software Engineer
Eigenor Corp.