Efficient scanning and increased throughput

Many manufacturing industries are using mostly 2D X-ray nowadays, but there is great urge for more accurate measurement technologies. 3D X-ray inspections is a great tool, since it serves in many occasions from process development to customer returns. High quality products are required in all fields and usually 3D X-ray is the best available NDT method.

Save machine hours

Eigenor software is focused to work with less 2D X-ray projections than traditional reconstruction software, so, it's ideal solution for many industrial applications whether from in-line environment to laboratory units. When machine throughput is the bottleneck in the process, Eigenor software can typically improve the throughput by 50%. At the same time the lifetime of detector and tube are increased since there's less stress on them per one scan.

Being manufacturer independent allows us to work with any 3D X-ray capable units. Especially customized 3D X-ray units are one of the key deployment environment, because the software can be configured for this specific purpose. It's typical that OEM's work with us from the beginning, using simulation service in the design and prototyping phase and eventually installing fully configured Eigenor reconstruction software into the unit.

Upgrade existing X-ray unit to next level

Eigenor 3D X-ray reconstruction is a software-only solution that uses advanced algorithms. Even existing inspection equipment can be upgraded with the software, minimizing the need for expensive investments in hardware. In industrial applications, this means faster inspections and smooth production processes. You can do 3D inspections even on-line. Increase your product quality, cut losses and serve your customer better.





Left: original cross section slice 

Right: with 50% less projections, the same cross section slice


User testimonial 

"We have used reconstruction software from Eigenor Corporation for many years for inspecting electronic components, mechanics and composite materials. 

The software is very fast, easy to use and improves 3D image quality substantially, expanding the possibilities in using the Phoenix X-ray device, even to new application areas.”

Petri Ronkainen
Laboratory Manager
Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences