Eigenor is a Finnish software company specializing in reconstruction mathematics for measurement instruments. Key application areas are medical X-ray imaging, industrial 3D X-ray inspection, and radars. 

As an example, a medical X-ray imaging appliance using Eigenor’s software, produces 3D images with only a fraction of the 2D imaging required by traditional solutions. There are multiple benefits: less radiation and related savings, longer appliance lifetime, and improved efficiency and throughput.

Our technology can be incorporated into almost any type of X-ray measurement equipment as a straight forward software module. It can also be used in reconstruction simulations, for example in the development of X-ray equipment. Eigenor is a pioneer in technology based on statistical inversion mathematics, and holds several patents in this field. Together with radically improved computing capabilities, this increases the efficiency of a reconstruction process to a new level.

Eigenor's solutions are unique and provide unprecedented opportunities. Researchers refer to them as a paradigm shift in reconstruction. Advanced organisations, like NASA, Planmeca, Fraunhofer Institute and GE Global Research are already reaping the benefits of our competence. Contact us to join the forerunners!

Our way of working

We are application driven and your measurement system requirements are the baseline for the work that we do. As an agile software company we are  capable of delivering constant improvements with rapid schedule. Our solutions are delivered as software modules, which are optimally configured for each specific use case and measurement system.

Our competence is available to you at all times. We support our customers with our service throughout the lifetime of our products. All Eigenor products are sold with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to make sure that our delivery meets expectations.