Effective 3D X-ray concept verification

Benefits in many areas

Eigenor simulation service can offer substantial benefits in many areas related to 3D X-ray imaging business.

  • DECISION MAKING: Know whether a case can be measured with X-ray tomography in the first place.
  • VERIFICATION: Confirming planned equipment's suitability for a given measurement task, prior to acquiring the actual hardware.
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Fast track for product development. With simulations you can avoid design flaws and see the results before prototypes exists
  • COMPARISON: Compare different reconstruction methods and choose the best for your application.
  • QUALITY: When the results are not satisfying, the simulation will reveal whether the problem lies in the measurement, hardware or in the reconstruction.
  • FLAW DETECTION: The simulator allows complex defects in existing X-ray equipment to be found easily by comparing simulated and real-life datasets.

Designing a new X-ray measurement setup is a huge task. Prototyping is expensive and unnoticed flaws in concept can cause huge cost and even set project back to drawing board. Eigenor simulation service allows you to have simulated X-ray measurement datasets based on your existing or hypothetical X-ray machine specifications and see the reconstruction results. The perfect way to verify your X-ray measurement setup concept. The simulation service is also well suited for checking how mechanical inaccuracies affect reconstruction results and prepare for them. When balacing the costs between mechanics and result quality, simulation give really valuable information to support your decision making.

Simulate any object with correct material information

The simulated X-ray dataset consist of projections picturing any object. The simulation can utilize triangular mesh .obj files for the model object, typically used in CAD modelling. The human skull on the right is one example of complex triangular mesh object that can be used in simulations and have X-ray projections of it. You can also request Eigenor specialist to model a phantom object according to your specifications. Even the material information of each object can be defined. The material can be an element, a compound material based on NIST tables, or any other compound based on the molecular structure chosen.

Any X-ray measurement concept can be simulated

Simulated measurement setup can have arbitrary geometry, including any rotations, fixed angles with or without gaps between X-ray projections, and any combination of these. This flexibility allows the user to freely define with the help of Eigenor specialist the desired transmitter and receiver position and movement for the scan. Mechanical inaccuracies can be modeled and there are various noise configuration possibilites to make the simulation more and more realistic. Even the charasterictics of X-ray source and detector can be inserted in the simulation. 

Typical rotating geometry showing some projections in three dimensional space. One projection is highlighted with yellow and the model object, simple cylinder, can be seen in the middle.

Save research and development time

The simulation service is ment for everyone who work with 3D X-ray measurements, whether you're working for X-ray equipment manufacturer, research center, commerical CT laboratory etc. Simulation service has accelerated many projects for our customers. Also, revealing valuable information about the challenges at hand and how to overcome them. You 'll receive solid evidence how to proceed in your projects with our simualtion service really quickly letting you focus on the other urget matters.

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