7th GE X-ray forum 2011 in Berlin

Medallions of salmon with vegetables, Thuringian rostbratwurst, grilled rump steaks with steak sauce, marinated turkey breast medallions, La Ratte potatoes with rosemary…

I spent 3 wonderful days in Berlin, at the General Electric / Phoenix X-ray forum. There were about 130 participants from almost 30 countries. Presentations included updates of the newest developments in both hardware and software, and application examples & comparisons. According to the presentations, use of CT in traditional X-ray applications is becoming more and more popular. One key issue is also throughput time.

Eigenor Statistical Inversion technology can open groundbreaking new applications, for example through new measurement geometries, and faster measurements where fewer projections are needed – for several business areas.

Evening programs included a boat trip through Berlin, with a delicious menu and a visit to the German museum of Technology. There were some really fancy units – like the predecessor of a computer – an automated embroidering machine (300 years old!), equipped with punch card system. And Zuse Z1, the first freely programmable computer, which was built in 1938. Clock speed is 1 Hz, and it has memory of 1408 bits. The unit weighs 1000kg. Meaning that the weight-speed ratio compared to my mobile phone is about 1: 4,6 trillion.

The new GEs Inline-CT ‘Gantry’ system is very innovative. It opens new, production-scale possibilities for CT, as objects can be fed into the unit using a conveyor belt.

Thanks, GE!