Inverse Days in Inari

The Finnish Inverse Days took place this year in Inari, in the Northern Lapland. Eigenor has often had presence in this annual event organized by the Finnish Inverse Problems Society, and this year it was my turn to participate. While the Sun was nowhere to be seen, rising the next time in mid-January, the talks themselves were very enlightening.

New R&D Office in Helsinki

Approximately one year ago Eigenor opened its R&D center in Helsinki. Great news for those who enjoy office life and shared lunches with interesting chats with topics ranging from hard science to personal hobbies. Working from home is sometimes really nice, but meeting your associates face to face is really important.

Korean Hospitality

Personal relationships are everything in making good business, especially in East and Southeast Asia. I just spent 10 days in Seoul and also visited some neighbouring cities.

The first few weeks at Eigenor

For a long period of time, I was troubled by being interested in seemingly unrelated topics across technology and science. Earlier hobbies included programming and electronics: even radar maintenance in the Finnish military service, which resulted in a spark of interest towards signal processing. Later, the studies at Helsinki University of Technology converged to an odd combination of computer science studies: topics like data mining and machine learning as the major subject (those guys usually have statistics and math as their minor), while having software techniques and interactive digital media as the minor subjects (those people turn out web or game technology wizards of some sort).

Pipes and X-ray CT - The Future

Two weeks ago I visited Material Testing fair arranged by BINDT (British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) in Telford, United Kingdom. I had many technical discussions with equipment manufacturers about their products and suitability for pipetomography. I found great innovations and technical solutions that can serve the X-ray pipetomography instantly.

CT and every day work

How to test the quality of your X-ray equipment, software and measurements? Achievements in sub-sea x-ray measurements? How to use CT in mass production, incoming inspection and customer complaint analysis? Those and numerous other topics were discussed when more than 150 professionals were meeting in GE 9th X-ray Forum. This time the Forum was in the end of August in Hannover.

Seafood and CT in Baltimore

Last week I attended the 40th annual QNDE conference, which was this time held in Baltimore. The event attracted nearly 400 participants from all over the world in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. A broad spectrum of excellent research was presented in the parallel sessions, most of which still in the development phase, followed by fruitful discussions.

3d X-ray CT is coming - Are you ready?

I had the opportunity to visit Control 2013, 27th Internation Trade Fair for Quality Assurance in Stuttgart, Germany, 14th-17th May. Almost 1000 exhibitors, from more than 30 countries, had traditional measurement instruments (calibers, micrometers, scales), scanners (light, laser, ultrasound etc.) to create a surface picture, X-ray (spectral analysis, 2D and 3D used for measurements and CT) and software for quality inspections and comparisons.

Olive green research

Last week we had the marvelous opportunity to visit Finnish Defence Forces Technical Research Center. The place has various test sites and laboratories, which are used by numerous scientists.

Maze in Vienna

Just visited the European Congress of Radiology, which was held at Austria Center Vienna. It is an exciting maze. Buildings of different shape, some floors in use, some not. On top of this, there is several extension halls. The floorplan was really useful, this time. ECR is just a bit smaller than it's cousin in the states, the RSNA(Radiological Society of North America) scientific assembly and annual meeting.

Real-Life Science for a Change

After several years of studying quantum phenomena in ultracold atomic gases, it was time to look for challenges in a more application-oriented environment. The leap from Aalto University to the commercially driven Eigenor Corporation might not have been that quantum after all. I still find myself carrying out cutting-edge research with sharp-minded companions, only this time the results will be applicable well before retirement.

16 meters of snow and meanwhile in Finland

I had the magnificent opportunity to visit Hokkaido, the most northern large island of Japan. Hokkaido is really a winter wonderland, it snows 16 to 30 meters during winter. So if you're looking for fresh snow, Hokkaido is the place to go. When seeing the 3 meters high walls of snow just beside roads makes me think that problems in Helsinki with occasional snow showers are insignificant.