Fraunhofer Institute, Eigenor reconstruction software and an orange

Eigenor visited the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits in Deggendorf at the end of July in the hottest time of the year to introduce and install its PSIG X-ray tomography system. The Fraunhofer Institute uses a variety of reconstruction methods for computed tomography, some self-made, and is looking forward to compare PSIG to system which are already in use. Eigenor PSIG is specialized in reconstructions from limited and noisy measurements. This is not to say the X-ray devices on site are limited or noisy, but thankfully such faults can be artificially added to evaluate the robustness of the system. The main goal is to introduce new technologies to industry, whre the environments are ofter harsh and require systems that can withstand limiting conditions.

The cooperation between the Fraunhofer Institute and Eigenor will continue well into next year with the comparison work. And for the sunny summer days, what could be a better object to image than an orange. Once you have imaged it, you can peel it open, see the inside structure and eat it. On the contrary, industrial sectors are using NDT methods more and more every day, so "peeling" products open isn't an option anymore. X-ray tomography is one of the strongest NDT methods to provide accurate information without disassemblin them and we believe that cooperation with Fraunhofer will provide more ways to utilize 3D X-ray methods efficiently in different industries.

Max Salmi
Vice President, Technology