Running after Poster session in high altitude

It takes a lot to travel in the states – airlines lose your bags(with brochures!) and when coming back flight is late so you miss your connection. This time, was really useful to attend 2 conferences during the week: ASNT Digital Imaging in Mashantucket and QNDE conference in Denver.

During last day, I almost ran out of both brochures and business cards. I met a lot of people asking more details about Eigenor technology. NDT industry can benefit from Statistical Inversion as we can introduce new methods like on-site pipe tomography. In general, it seems that CT algorithms are not so easily available.

After listening to a lot of presentations in Mashantucket, I can summarize that the NDT is going strongly towards 3D X-ray – tomography. Methods need to be developed from slow single inspection to high throughput. On this, being able to reconstruct from limited angle and low number of projections can make the difference.

My poster session in Denver was successful. It went on for 2 hours and seminar guests were discussing with me continuously. There was a lot of questions, and I could answer to most of them. And which I could not, I will answer by email after checking it with our R&D.

After the Poster session we had some extracurricular activity: the traditional 5K Fun Run. I was the head volunteer, taking care of hydration(It was HOT!), setting up signs and as a surprise I shot and edited a short video, which you can check from here. The organizers really liked the video!

Travelling pays off. Some people are just difficult to reach by phone and email, grabbing a sleeve is SO successful. I'd say things are proceeding well.

Janne Käpylehto
Vice President, Business development
Eigenor Corporation