Mathematical technology from Eigenor Corporation secured an investment

Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 09:15

Eigenor Corporation has received  a 0,6M € investment from software industry veterans. Investors are e.g. Gerako Ltd, a former shareholder of Tekla Corporation, Tatu Ylönen, CEO of SSH Corporation and Eero Heliövaara through his venture capital company. Eigenor Corporation is specialized in Statistical Inversion based algorithm development. Its products solve demanding medical and industrial metrilogical and modeling problems. Application fields include tomography and radar equipment.


"Eigenor's patented software technology brings major value to a number of important applications. In medical Computed Tomography imaging, it improves the image quality and reduces the patient radiation dose. It enables imaging of large objects in Industrial tomography, without the need to have X-ray images from every angle. On top of that, the technology opens new application areas for weather radars." says Tatu Ylönen, the CEO of SSH Corporation.



Eigenor's partners include tomography and radar manufacturers. Planmeca imaging equipment has utilized Eigenor's software for many years. The software significantly improves the image quality, patient safety and usability.